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Character 166 – Picture me cruisin


Here’s a new self portrait for the new year. I pictured myself cruisin in a futuristic go-kart! One that hovers. Happy new year to you and yours. Trying to keep rollin with the changes. Every few years I do a new one to keep my website, blog, etc fresh. You’ll see this new image on all the tings.
Dig this? Here’s a previous self portrait I did in 2019 . Here’s another one from 2015.
A few close ups…

The previous character before this was Mama Peng

Purple 16′


Franklin made this beautiful sweatshirt. This was before bebe girl was born, after getting married. And after the Furqan trailer dropped. Taken by my wife 🙂
here’s another shot from the Pueblo Nuevo Days

New self portrait!


Happy 2021 folks. I’m excited to share this new self portrait with you and ready to bob and weave in the new year. As I do most years I’ll be using this for my branding on my social media and sites. Want to see past painted self portraits? See below. This one was painted in gouache.
Look out for a post about branding images and business cards soon.

Photo of me (Pueblo Nuevo)

This is an old photo of me taken by Bounce from the Pueblo Nuevo days. Pueblo Nuevo was a gallery and community space founded by Miguel Perez , Diana Negrin, and Plinio Hernandez in Berkeley California around the mid 2000s. This photo and others like it were promotional photos meant to spread the word about the gallery which featured many different artists who were established and just starting out.
Check out this old video from Emory Douglas’ show, which I helped install along with the gallery founders.

Ain’t No New Thing – Emory Douglas Teaser from Pueblo Nuevo Gallery on Vimeo.

Photo: New Profile pic!

Happy new year! Check it out! New profile photo taken by the wonderful Kristen Murakoshi. She’s a local Bay Area based photographer who specializes in portraits, family shoots, events, and weddings. She’s currently offering a special deal for couples. See more HERE!