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VIDEO: My fav art books

What up y’all, been wanting to do this video for a minute. Art books are a great way to unplug from the internet or get someone reading who doesn’t normally like books. Whenever I get stuck I pull out some ill art books, read them, and just flip through them. Check these books out. Cop them from an indy store or request them at your local library!
If you missed my last inspiration board check it here
The last kids book I did is called Alejandria Fights Back
Here are all the books I mention in this video, please support them. Cop from the artists themselves,   your local independent bookstore, or

-“Spraycan Art” by Henry Chalfant & James Prigoff 

-“One Track Mind” Graffiti Magazine
-“OS Gemeos”
-“Reflections In Black” by Deborah Willis 
-“Chaz Bojorquez”
-“The Early Bird” by Morning Breath 
-“De La Soul” by Frank 151
-“Spider Man Into the Spiderverse” by Sony/ Marvel
-“The Dam Keeper” by Tonko House 
-“Robota” by Doug Chiang and Orson Scott Card
-“Celebrate People’s History” by Josh MacPhee
-“Everyday Love Vol. 3” by Nidhi Chanani
-“Frontier” by Hellen Jo 
-“Spam 4” by Mingjue Helen Chen 
-“The Black Book” by Khari Randolph 
-“Version 002” by Jake Wyatt 
-“Art of Jisei” by Miguel C. Hernandez

Alejandria Fights back featured on “Social Justice Books”


    Yo, this is pretty amazing to make it to the front of the NEW books page on Social Justice Books‘ site! If you didn’t already know SJB is one of the biggest and most organized sites for both diverse and progressive minded books in kid lit for kids pre school aged up until high school and college. PLEASE do me a favor and subscribe to their newsletter, follow them, check out their many book lists, and support them! This is especially true for all those who ask, where are the diverse books? or Where are the socially conscious books?

That being said, I want to givce a BIG shout out to Teaching For Change who are the organizers behind the Social Justice Books site. Thank you for championing books and educators trying to teach the babies. And please keep an eye out for Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria when it comes out. You can preorder the book here. And check out my previous post about the book here.
PS: If you look closely you can see a second book on the 2021 new bks page that I illustrated by this awesome lady.