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PRESS!!! Social Justice Children’s Bk Holiday Fair

Here is the first article released just before the fair written by Ashley McBride. Big shout out to her for taking the time to interview some of the organizers of the fair and the Emerson PTA members Shawna and Ed who helped us organize this year. In this photo I’m standing in front of fellow organizeer Alejandra Domenzain talking to my cousin Mook:) LINK TO READ

Here is the second article featuring Nadia Salomon reading to kids during our story time for families at the fair. Big shout out to Peter Limata who reached out to writer Amaya Edwards who went to the event, took lots of photos, and covered our little event. LINK TO SEE MORE PHOTOS.

Dig this? Check out that time when my book “Alejandria Fights Back” was featured on “Social Justice Books”

7th Annual Social Justice Children’s Bk Holiday Fair

Man, I was so busy sharing about this event and planning and prepping that I forgot to psot about it on my own damn blog. Anyways, for those who came it was beautiful and hectic. For the first time we partnered with Emerson Elementary in Oakland.

Here is the livestream of interviews and performances from that day:

Interviews w/ Emerson PTA, Local authors, activists, and musicians

Here is the Facebook invite from this year

And here is the books new Instagram account. Please follow us!

Link to our IG

Ok, if you were not there but want to support the authors/organizations/musicians who tabled please go to our website.

Dig this? Check out some photos for the fair last year.

Who I’ve run with-Crews/Families

Hey y’all, this is an appreciation post about some of the folks I’ve run with, worked with, and learned from. Some of these folks I’ve known since I was a kid, some I met in college or as an adult. All of them have given me a tremendous amount of love, support, ideas, game, and support and I’m happy to work with them.

Top to bottom, left to right: 

1. Trust Your Struggle Collective– (Bay Area, NYC, int’l) Crew of Graffiti writers, educators, muralists, organizers, etc who create large scale murals, gallery exhibitions, and educational workshops. Founded in 2003! I’m a proud co-founder of this crew. Learn more here.

2. Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair– (Bay Area) This is a kids book fair founded by authors, illustrators, teachers, organizers, and book lovers in 2017. This fair champions books featuring People of color, queer folks, and social justice minded creators to serve our community. See some photos from past events here.

3. Tone/ Umber: (Bay Area) Both magazines were founded by an incredible designer, artist, and father Mike Nicholls who has been going since 2016 I believe with Umber magazine. A journal to celebrate Black and Brown stories relating to manhood, sports, music, lifestyle, and more. I was briefly a part of Tone , a magazine dedicated to Black men which is currently dormant, but you can see Umber here.

4. Rad Dad Magazine (Bay Area) Founded by Tomas Moniz in 2005. Rad Dad was a zine and magazine dedicated to helping fathers of all stripes share their experiences, triumphs, and challenges as dads. Read more here.

5. Muphoric Sounds– (NYC/London) Founded by Vanessa Warren in 2008 MS functioned as a booming part of the music blog landscape. We wrote about new and old music primarily focused on Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Electronic, and House. Read some of the pieces here.

6. The Bull Horn Blog/ M is for Movement– (Boston/Bay Area). This is a blog founded by Innosanto Nagara, Alison Goldberg, and Janine Macbeth that highlighted children’s books from multiple age groups featuring stories by people of color and social justice minded creators. Read posts here.

Dig this? Check out my interview with Avy Jetter of Oakland Creates

Photos from 6th Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair


Organizers of the fair: Me, Laura Atkins, Alejandra Domezain, Janine Macbeth, Peter Limata, Lydia Yamaguchi, Innosanto Nagara-not pictured) photo by Mark Rea
photo by Mark Rea
Breanna McDaniels w/ Hayley Diep , photo by Mark Rea
Me! photo by Mark Rea

If you missed the book fair but still want to buy books you can still purchase books from some of the vendors here
All the Fairs authors/illustrators , photo by Mark Rea

Screenshot from livestream Mr Limata w/ James Shields
photo by Janine Macbeth (Aida Salazar w/ Aya de Leon)
photo by Janine Macbeth (Mr Limata w/ Ko Kim)
For all those who missed the “6th annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair” here are a few photos from the event. If you’d like to see more please go here.
Digging this? Check out the year we did it online during the pandemic or the Livestream Interviews W/ Mr Limata this year

Video: Interviews @ the “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair”


This is some video footage featuring interviews from book creators, organizations, the organizers of the event, and the owner of Teance. Can we give it up for Peter Limata and Lydia Yamaguchi though? They just bring SO MUCH vibrancy, love, and care to what they capture and who they spoke to at the event!  Please watch and enjoy. If you did not get a chance to attend the fair in person you can still get books from the creators who were there and many others using our website 
Here is more interviews Peter did leading up to the fair that morning. In this he speaks to Jill Guerra (We are Yoga/Somos Yoga), Christina Newhard of Sari Sari Books (KaliPay, Melo the Umang Boy), Breanna McDaniels (Hands Up), and John Casselberry (Konscious Kids).
Dig this? Check out the virtual 2020 Social Justice Children’s Book Fair

6th Annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair


Hey fam, it’s that time of year! The 6th annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair” is upon us. As one of 5 organizers (Laura Atkins, Alejandra Domenzain, Peter Limata, Janine Macbeth, Innosanto Nagara, and me)  I’m excited to invite local kids book makers to share their latest and greatest books with local families, librarians, book sellers, teachers, organizers, and more. While some cringe at the title I know we’re proud to bring together authors and illustrators who are progressive minded to one spot so the folks who actually search for their kind of books can find them all in one event. Board books, picture books, middle grade, YA, comics, and more. Check out the flyer I did πŸ™‚

For this fair we encourage Bipoc, Queer, and Social justice minded kids book creators to table, sometimes read, or perform., and meet their community. This year it will be held again outside in Berkeley Ca. Please invite your folks to this event and check out these links for more info.


Dig this? If you’ve never been check out some photos from previous years or the online fair we did during the pandemic w/ the help of Lydia and Peter of “Storytime w/ Mr Limata”!

5th Annual Social Justice Children’s Bk Holiday Fair”


Hey fam, I’m excited to bring you the 5th annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair”. Every year a small team of volunteers get together and throw this event to connect you with kids book makers of many stripes. We focus on Bipoc, Lgbtq, and Social Justice minded creators and their books. Although covid is still real af, we will gather in B-Town (Berkeley, CA) masked and outdoors. So, come through, get some books, meet the creators, and spread love.
Date: Dec 5th
Time: 11am-2pm
Location: Teance
Who: Laura Atkins, Ann Berlak, Angela Dalton, Hayley Diep, Alejandra Domenzain, Girls Garage, Michael Genhart, Jill Guerra, Laneha House, Kamaria Lofton, NJ Mvondo/Multiculturalism Rocks, Innosanto Nagara, Christina Newhard, Meenal Patel, James Shields, Robert Liu-Trujillo, Justine Villanueva, PM Press, and more!
What: Not your average book fair 
Why? : Parents, kids, teachers, librarians, bk store owners, etc are hungry for these books and want to meet the people behind them.
Facebook LINK
Eventbrite LINK
If you’re in the Bay Area, come through. If not, tell a friend who is in the Bay!
Video: Here’s the link from last years virtual event w/ Mr Limata and Lydia Yamaguchi
Photos: Here are some photos from the past 5 years

4th Annual “Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair”


These are just some of the people organizing and/or reading at the 2020 virtual
“Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair”

We’re finalizing Saturday’s program and wanted to give you a quick peek at a few of the incredible people who’ll be joining us this year:

Jesse Byrd – author of Sunny Days and Real Jungle Tales

Grace Carroll – author of Akira’s Animal Alphabet Alliterations and The First Ten Days

Michael Genhart – author of Accordionly and Rainbow: A First Book of Pride

Jill Guerra – author of When I Breathe Deeply and Long Hair Don’t Care

Lourdes Rivas – author of They Call Me Mix

Meera Sriram – author of A Gift for Amma and The Yellow Suitcase

Justine Villanueva – author of Jack and Agyu and Mama Mama Do You Know What I Like

Dr. Khalid White – author of Little Brother, Hermanita

More to come! 

Did you see the panel discussion some of the organizer recorded? Peep it HERE

Video: Panel w/ Mr Limata (Soc Just Bk Childrens Bk fair)

Hey folks here’s a panel video leading up to the 4th annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair!
Here Me, Laura Atkins, and Innosanto Nagara discuss how the fair started and why this year is important with educator and storyteller Mr Limata (Follow him on FB, IG, or YT).
Check out the video and heres the facebook invite for the event coming this Saturday Dec 12th at 10:30am!


3rd Annual Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair

What up family, this is the third year we’ve done the “Social Justice Children’s Bk Holiday Fair” and the venue, date, and some of the guests are above. Please bring your children, families, teachers, librarians, friends, and activists to come meet some of these kids bk makers and hang out. The following is a list of some of the authors that will be present!
Laura Atkins
John Casselberry
Madeline Connor
Angela Dalton
Michael Genhart
Maya Gonzalez- Reflection Press
Daria Leavitt
Kamaria Lofton-Like The Moon
Janine Macbeth-Blood Orange Press
Innosanto Nagara
Beth Reichmuth
Lourdes Rivas
Matthew Smith-Reflection Press
Justine Villanueva- Sawaga River press
Khalid White
Here is the facebook event LINK please rsvp and share, share, share!
This year we’re back at Chapter 510 in Oakland.