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SS.Vol.2 Sew Seoulful-East Coast Release….and uhm, my First Solo Show

This was the opening for my 3rd Zine SS Vol. 2 (Sew Seoulful). The term “sew” refers to joining fabric, or in this case (art/ideas) together. Seoul, refers to the birthplace of my father “Seoul” Korea, and “Seoulful” refers to a mixtape i used to make back in the day with alot of soulful samples from several genres of music. Energy never dissappears, it just changes form…….
SS is a series of zines I started in 2007 and one which i plan to do until I get tired of it. thanks to all those who came thru and supported. It was truly a very humbling experience and and an honor to share my art w/ you. If you have any fotos from that night, please hit me up…
-Robert Trujillo/Tres