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Merch feature – Buzzfeed


So this happened in December of 2020. My sticker sheet got featured in Buzzfeed along with some other stocking stuffer ideas. Shout out to my homie Angela Dalton who told me about this article because I didn’t know until she told me. Shout out to the journalist who included my sticker sheet in this post as it definitely drove some sales. I hope to get some more features like this in the future intentionally. 
If you missed this sticker sheet you can cop one HERE.
I also made one for librarians, bilingual language teachers.

Bilingual Book deals

Yo, peace and blessings to you admist the chaos that is Amerikkka. I have just uploaded two new deals to my shop for those that are interested in sending someone a little love via bilingual books and such. The first one is a care package of books, bookmarks, and stickers. 

The second deal is just the books. And if you search on here you can go through and find reviews for both Furqan’s First Flat Top written and illustrated by me, and One of a Kind Like Me, written by Laurin Mayeno and illustrated by me. 
Did you see the last pack of bilingual book marks for COMICS Readers?

Sticker sheet 4 – Self Care

Can’t believe it has been two years since I made a sticker sheet. Here is a new one. I have been working on affirmations for a decade as a gift for people, to myself, and to just share my type drawing skills. This one I made as as a reminder to take care of yourself. I need it to remind myself. Please hustle, do good work, fight for whats right, stand up for your rights, all that. And….take good care of yourself because the world needs you. 
Want one? Here’s the link ETSY.
Did you see the last one? Its here.

Sticker sheet 2- For Librarian

Yo, made a new sticker sheet for my librarians out there whether you are the guardian of your city, state, home, school, or rogue library here are a few stickers for you. If you got some suggestions for more I’d love to hear them. 

Did you see the READ sticker sheet? HERE

Sticker sheet 1 – Read More Books

 Just made a sticker sheet of “Reading” related stickers. I made illustrations of various types of kids reading. This is perfect for teachers, educators, home schoolers, students, librarians, and book lovers. You can get this sticker sheet HERE.