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Everett Downing Interview w/Black Woman Animator


This is an inspiring interview with animator, story artist, and now director Everett Downing. You can see some examples of his work here. Everett is super inspiring and I contributed to his Indiegogo for “The Book of Mojo” a few years ago. So excited to hear about his journey and directorial debut. 

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Inktober 7- Lucy (Book of Mojo)

Here is a quick one of “Mojo” and “Lucy” from Everett Downing’s story “The Book of Mojo”. I contributed to this campaign via Indiegogo and can’t wait to see what the animated story finally looks like. Please check out the team behind the story too!

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Campaigns worth supporting- Dance, Animation, Film

I cant speak highly enough about the impact Brotherman Comics has had on me seeing my future in illustration and providing a positive reflection. Please share and support.

I had the chance to meet Joti Singh and her husband Bongo recently at a ceremony and was amazed not only by the relationship between husband and wife, but the skill and artistry they both shared with the ceremony’s participants. Please attend the show they are throwing in the Bay Area and support.

Support his project using this link. I don’t know the director but I have seen his name via The African American Animators of the Past & Present site and this looks amazing. If we talk about wanting to see more diverse characters in animation, lets support this!

I haven’t met the film makers, but a friend of the team sent this to me and it looks scary! In a good way. Support independent film.