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Some campaigns worth supporting

The Seshen-An amazing
 Bay Area bread band that infuses electronic, jazz, and soul music

Miss Rizos-An Afro-Latino from the DR who is promoting pride and beauty in Black Hair

Counter Pulse-A very awesome space where I’ve witnessed shows like “Our Daily Bread” and”Ampey”

And of course, Rad Dad-a magazine made by radical fathers of every hue

The Seshen (Muphoric Post)

The Seshen is a band I’m happy to love. My boy Senbei introduced me to the sound then Ms Joy Liu and I went to go check them out! Incredible show, and their songs just keep getting crazier with every listen. Anyways, more about em on MUPHORIC SOUNDS! Yes, i still write for muphoric, and new stuff coming up. Did I mention i love music?

If you want to see their video and read my write up, go to Muphoric….