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Do you support Murals for Social Change/Exchange?

So, my crew has been on the fundraising tip since mid 2009 for this summer’s mural tour. What we have done on our first tour( Mexico, Central America) and our 2nd tour(United States) is connect with organizations/ businesses, and collectives of people to exchange art and ideas. We do our best to assist these folks in maintaining their campaigns for cultural awareness, social justice, violence prevention, and legacy building. We do not have corporations behind us, we have you. You, the folks, the family, the organizers, the teachers, the musicians, the artists, the everyday hard working people who give a fuck about “changing” and “growing”. The folk who not only talk, but “DO”. If you have benefited, grown, or been inspired by the work we do, please show your support by donating and sending this video link to as many people, businesses, organizations, rebels, and trouble makers you know. One C.B.O. or person cant pay for it all, and neither can we…but we’ve had the assistance of organizations like World Up (NYC), ALAY (SF), Filipino Community Center (SF),World Bridges (SF), La Pena (Berk,CA), MVMT (NYC), Loyal Kaspar(NYC, ans so many dope organizers/artists such as like Nancy Hernandez(CA), Vanessa Nisperos(NYC), Eric Camins(NYC), Ebeneezer Bond(NYC), Susie Lundy(CA), Sarah Guerra(CA), and so many more to help us achieve this goal. We absolutely will not sit back and watch our people get brainwashed, murdered, incarcerated, or made invisible because they refuse to get in line with larger systems of oppression. We artists have a job to paint what has happened, what is going on now, and what we want to see. Your support is greatly appreciated and well painted….
-Robert “Tres” Trujillo
Trust Your Struggle Collective