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ACLU Annual Report 2018

Check it out, some more artwork for the Northern California chapter of the ACLU. A few take aways to notice are that in an annual report you have vital information about how an organization did its job. In this report you’ll find data on that and short pieces on education equity, voting rights, civil rights, lgbtq rights, immigration, and more. 
Here are some more process art.

If you’re pissed about a particular thing a city, state, school, president is doing I implore you to seek out an organization who is supporting what you believe in and contribute your time, money, and/or support to them. Get angry and get active, the institutions who fight for our rights need as much help as they can get. Doesn’t have to be the ACLU, could be your local organization, gallery, you get the point.

Power California – Cultural strategy

Hey folks, just got news that this new repost is out. And its designed by my wife (who did the cover illustration). It features some great resources for groups, organizers, and political activists on using artwork and cultural strategy in tandem with political or organizing work. You can download the report here. And here is a link to more information about Power California who I illustrated this poster for recently.
Here is a sample page with my artwork paired side by side with Oree Originol.

Inktober 6-Fannie Lou Hamer

Listen to what Ms Fannie Lou Hamer had to say here. For those not hip, Fannie LOU Hamer was one of the most gangster activists and voting rights advocates on the planet who was threatened and beaten just for registering Black folks in the South to vote so they could have equal representatives in the making of laws and policy which governed their lives. She was a G! I drew this for Inktober in 2014.

If you dig this check out: Olive Morris (uk) or some of my other fav inktober drawings