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The Nakba – historical video by Vox

One of the most strategic things those in power do to shape public opinion is to control the narrative, They do this by omitting, blocking, and often erasing the history of the oppressed peoples. This video shows what has been left out of most history books and discussions of freedom when it comes to Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel. It is not anti-semetic to discuss the true history of how this state came to be through the British and the United States involvement and support. It is anti-semetic however to deny that the Jewish people were not persecuted and murdered during WW2! History is powerful yall.

Please watch and share

Dig this? Check out this video of how apartheid works today in occupied Palestine aka Israel. 

Whitewashing Asian Characters-Vox video

This is dope to me because it raises an issue that far too many people in filmmaking and those in power to green light or fund a film look over. I know you need known actresses to get people into the theater.I get it. But that is not an excuse for over 60 years worth of racist bullshit. Don’t get me started, but please watch this video and share it if you agree. It’s not just emotion, it is fact. And i’m glad vox did this because it challenges what has been “ok” to do for much too long.