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Fog Nets – water


I’ve seen informational videos about fog nets before and just came across these two videos today. These seem like really great ways to make use of fog to get clean water for growing food, drinking, and bathing. Inspiring! This is in Morocco.
This is in Peru.
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Inktober 3 – New World Water

“Man, you gotta cook with it, bathe, and clean with it
when it’s hot summertime you fiend for it
you gotta put it in the iron you steamin’ with 
its what they dress wounds and treat diseases with
the rich and poor, black and white got need for it
and everybody in the world can agree with it”
“There are places where tb (tuberculosis) is common as TV
cuz foreign based companies go and get greedy
the type of cats who polute the whole shoreline
will have it purified and sell it for $1.25″
-Mos Def 
New World Water

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Inktober 2 – Water is Life

Throwing another up for the folks in Flint Michigan who still don’t have clean water to drink, bathe in etc. Here’s to the many tribes protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. To all the folks actively dealing with water shortage, dirty and contaminated water. We can’t drink oil. We won’t drink empty promises or excuses. Another world is possible.

Want this original drawing? $60 or Print? $20 (includes shipping)  
Got an idea for an org to donate 30% cost to? Email me info@robdontstop.com

Inktober 1- Solidarity w/ Standing Rock (No DapL)

It’s Inktober! I’m finally getting started for maybe the 3rd or 4th year doing this drawing exercise using ink only, no erasing or editing. This one is for the folks holding it down up there at Standing Rock, which is an Native American reservation on the border of North and South Dakota. There is a corporation called “Energy Transfer Partners” which is illegally building a pipeline to carry oil to a refinery from North Dakota to the state of Illinois. The Native folks started a protest back in April of this year I believe to demonstrate against this. Why? The corporations have not gotten the Native communities which they plan to build in and over to agree to this. Why don’t they agree? Because they do not want this pipeline going through a river there which is a primary water source for so many people, or the companies desecrating Native land (which they’ve already done). If the pipe breaks or ruptures it will poison the water. I encourage you to do research on your own in corporate owned media and media that is community funded to make up your own mind about this protest.  What has been done to Native Americans from Canada to South America in terms of genocide, theft, and exploitation is not just historic, it is present. It has been happening since European Americans got here. What I mean by that is the US government has over the centuries supported practices that kill Native people, take their land, or exploits them. Or, they have looked the other way while European Americans or Immigrants did so. This is not an argument, this is a fact. One thats left out of perspective when discussing this historic protest. And it is historic, not in decades have we seen so many different tribes/ nations come together to fight against this. If you’re interested in seeing more artwork in support of the protest go to here  to Melanie Cervantes. Then if you wish to donate to the camp of folks who need supplies and support go to https://fundrazr.com/d19fAf  . If you do not support this corporation building this pipeline on Indian land sign this petition as well www.change.org/RezpectOurWater

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