1200 – Music Inspired

1200 – Music Inspired

The first time I bought a Technics 1200 turntable it was with money I’d earned working and from birthdays, etc. I had saved up enough and got help from my parents to get a used one from my local pawn shop and I was so excited I just started at it. It would take me a good while to save up for the second one and a mixer but eventually I got them. And I gave up drawing and painting for awhile in lieu of teaching myself mixing, scratching, beat juggling, and how to find records and sounds. I had to sell my turntables as a young dad in my late 20s but I’ve never forgotten the feel of these. They were sturdy, heavy, and solid machines that could take hours and hours of practice and keep on going. Did you ever own a Technics 1200 table? Still have some? This is another music inspired joint!

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