Bambu from “Native Guns”-Get Crooks & Rooks on Mtv!

Bambu from “Native Guns”-Get Crooks & Rooks on Mtv!

Not that Mtv is the be all to end all, but Bambu is fucking dope and he and errybody he down with( Kiwi, Dodat(what up Davin!), Krish, Dj Phatrick) deserve to be seen by hella more people. So peep his video and hit him up on myspace…

The folks who shot this hooked it up major-ly because this is one of the best videos I seent since ” No need for alarm”!

Quick history:Ive been hearing about Native Guns for a minute, especially Kiwi. Why? because they been putting in work for a while and paying your dues, putting in work,is how you do it. Anyway, then i heard they took a pause from the group and then I see Bambu got a solo joint out. Mann, this joint he had called Mao tse tung-i think with a chinese beat(Bambu is Philipino! All my Pinoys stand up!) was slapppp-tacular.I mean ten crates of mangoes! Bananas….from the “I scream bars for the children” LP. Then he came back with another sure shot “Exact Change” with this new “Crooks & Rooks” joint, and from listening to the sampler with Zion-I, maaaaannnn. The homie is doing his job, which is why im telling you about it to support that work. Check him out.
Im a holler at you soon bout that illust Bam, stay up homie!
-Robert Trujillo/Tres
TYSC, Come Bien

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