Black is Beautiful (2018) 4 – Master Ron Van Clief

Black is Beautiful (2018) 4 – Master Ron Van Clief

Ron is a world renowned martial artist from New York. He began training at 15 yrs old w/ Moses Powell (Jui Jitsu), and would go on to train with many other forms including wing chin w/ Leung Ting. Ron competed until the age of 65 and was 5x world champion winner participating in at least 900 tournaments. He was a marine who faced extreme racism. He moved to Hong Kong and became the first African American to star in martial arts films there. Internationally Ban Clief was in 100 films, he earned a phd in theology, developed a style called Chinese Goju, and he trained other such as Taimak (Last Dragon). He still trains today and was one of the oldest fighters to compete in the UFC. 

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