Brother Ali/ Trauma from Police

Brother Ali/ Trauma from Police

Trauma warning:
Experienced this type of event as a child with my mother. We were going about our day, but we were pulled over and mistaken for two Black men who robbed (insert something). They never drew their weapons, but I never had the same sense of “safety” coming from officers ever again. When my mother looked at me and encouraged me not to move and obey instructions I could feel the fear in her voice.

This is how I remembered it but didn’t relive the trauma until last year while giving a presentation about my arts career, literacy, why I make what I make, etc. Did not mean to nearly lose it while describing some photos but I damn near did. I took a moment, excused myself , and kept going. I was 8 or 9 when the incident happened.

Not sure why it came up but this song reminded me of it today.
Trauma is wild, so is the institution of policing in a country that incarcerates more of its population that any other on the planet.

Dig this? Listen to this recounting of police interaction by Boots Riley

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