Inspiration board 42

Inspiration board 42

Yall, it gives me so much pleasure to share some of the things I’m seeing, hearing, feeling, reading, learning from, and getting inspired by. PLEASE check out some of these people, things, etc and get inspired!!! Here are they are left to right, top to bottom.

1. Snapdragon by Kat Leyh (graphic novel) Witches, Queer identity, etc

2. Eve Ewing (Author/Educator) writes about super heroes, school closures, and science

3. Vamos! by Raul the Third (Picture book) Bilingual literacy, Latinx, kids lit

4. A Tradition of Violence by Cerise Castle (podcast) LA Sheriff gangs, journalism, police brutality

5. Sebastian Mikael’s new EP Phileo (Soul Music) Soul, hip hop

6. Pinocchio by Guillermo Del Toro (Animated film) stop motion,

7. Alvin Irby founder of Barbershop Books (Interview) activism, literacy, black boys

8. I am the Subway by Kim Hyo Eun (Picture book) train, humanity, working class

9. Nala Sinephro’s album Space 1.8 (Jazz music) jazz, experimental jazz, harp

10. Abel Cruz’s fog nets (Water) BBC, World hacks, water crisis, fog nets, peru

11. Sibylline Meynet (Artist) illustration, gouache, artist

12. Afu Chan’s Outer Darkness (Artist) comics, illustration

13. Ovarian Psycos (Documentary) cycling, women’s rights, trauma, women

14. Noni Sessions (Activist) East Bay Permanent Real Estate Coop, coop’s, land, activism

15. Coop Conversations (Podcast) Cooperative housing, podcasts, coop’s, alternative housing

16. Teach the Children the Truth by Marisa Villegas (Podcast) Ethnic studies, Raza Studies, education

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What’s this? This inspiration board is one of the ways I stay inspired and sane through all of life’s trials, and tribulations, work, etc. I’ve been making inspiration boards full of films, books, music, events, people, artists, movements, and more for over a decade. Do you have an inspiration board? Please share in the comments.
Who am I? My name is Rob and I’m an artist working in kid lit, public art, and other disciplines. Go to my website, or follow me on IG or YouTube.

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