Children’s Portrait collage (5) – 2020-2022

Children’s Portrait collage (5) – 2020-2022

What up? This is a collage of children’s and family portraits I’ve painted over the past two years. I started these paintings in 2012 before I self published “Furqan’s First Flat Top” as a way to generate income to make the book and to let parents know that I planned to make my own children’s book. You can see me talk about it in this video from 2012.

Since publishing the book, I continued and I like painting them. They provide value to parents, grandparents, caregivers, etc and I think they’re a cool gift idea for the holidays or special occasions. I’ve painted whole families, newborns, kids, and teens. And I plan to continue doing it. 
If you’d like to commission one for yourself or as a gift to someone, follow this LINK

Thanks in advance!

Check out some of the collages from previous years. 
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