Childrens Portraits #1 (Video)

Childrens Portraits #1 (Video)

Peace, so this is a first for me, making a vlog. I don’t do editing or shooting, but what the hell. I’m am steadily at work on my next short story and several other things; namely my first childrens book. In order to build my audience or the folks who will appreciate what i do outside of immediate family and friends it has taken years. And I will definitely be asking you for help in spreading the word when the time comes again.

 For now, get ready for some cute portraits of children of all ages and backgrounds as I let folks know about the stories I’m telling. Please comment, and or share with like minds. And by all means, share this with anyone you know in the realm of childrens books, YA Novels, shit, animation, any one into storytelling in general. Enjoy.

Peep these shots of the steps of doing a quick painting of my little lion. He loves making faces, but I decided to pick a relatively simple one to paint.

And the final. I like the colors because he has a warm and fiery spirit. I chose several patterns to illustrate the fact that he comes from so many different cultures. If you would like a painting of your child, go HERE

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