Illustrations for RISE 4 Us Book Project

Illustrations for RISE 4 Us Book Project

Just got these in the mail. Last year I began work on these beautiful tributes to loved ones (specifically Black fathers) lost to gun violence in Seattle. The families of Dare’Reon Newton and D’Vonne Picket Jr wrote these stories with an organization called RISE ( Resilient in Sustaining Empowerment) founded by Lynniah Grayson. Shout out to Jeffrey Cheatham for sending connecting me w/ them.

Here are some process drawings and the color illustrations. These are very rough and tight because the art directors/organizers of the project were working on a really tight budget and timeline. Shout out to Anika Zebron and Desi Caswell. But the stories were written with children from their perspective w/ family members and RISE.

These books benefit families. There were multiple families in the project affected by gun violence. If you’d like to see the other books and support families go visit them here at RISE 4 US.

Dig this? Check out the most recent art book I made called “Art of Rob” which has 130 pgs of artwork including drawings, paintings, and even a tutorial.

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