Coup d’ etat Show-Nov. 21st

Coup d’ etat Show-Nov. 21st

Peace all, I was invited to participate in this show with the Coup D’ etat Crew from Brooklyn, and by the looks of the line up of close friends, heavy hitters, and just all around talented artists its bout to be real fresh. If you havent had the chance to meet any of the CDTBK crew than you must come through and meet them, chop it up (converse),etc. The show is called “LIVE TO CHANGE SOMETHING THROUGH ART”.

I originally wanted to do a brand new piece, but alas it didnt happend. The piece that will be up is one im very proud of though, so come thru and check it out. Holr.And while youre at it, check out two of the artists from the line up: Ms. Ana Bravo from Salinas(CA) and the O.G.(veteran) Cekis from Santiago Chile.

I’ll leave you with a music video that I think is quite creative but unrelated to this show. The dues payin, super fresh “Zion-I”….

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