Craft Noire: Blog feature for “Affirmations”

Craft Noire: Blog feature for “Affirmations”

Check out this blog yall, They did a feature on my Affirmation paintings awhile back. They have a great eye with a lot of artwork, DIY Projects, and crafty business there. I saw Goldi Gold and Afya from ATL there which was nice; as well as Octavia Butler.

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  • kia February 26, 2014 4:14 am

    Your work is amazing. Thanks for the shout out. Hope to see more of your work! Kia from

  • Robert Trujillo/Tres February 26, 2014 4:16 am

    Hey! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and thanks for the big ups! I was so surprised!!!!! Its hard to know if people even pay attention to the affirmations some time. Blessings to you and good luck on the blog, I will stay up with yall.

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