Freelance Chronicles 5 – Work with me!

Freelance Chronicles 5 – Work with me!

Shaun Burner and Myself -Sacramento 2015 – Photo By Kerri Ann Borja

How can we work together? 
Peace, my name is Rob and I’m a professional artist with over 20 years worth of experience. If you’d like to work with me here are a few different ways to start. Through my years I have worn many hats as a creative person and through working with so many different people there are a few things I’ve learned to do well. I love brainstorming ideas and executing them. I have a huge love for projects that relate to music, social justice, parenthood, co-parenting, mixed heritage, literacy, and storytelling. And I enjoy working with people who believe in what they’re doing and are willing to work for it. You wanna collab? Here’s how to start. Don’t be shy, holler at me. If I vibe with you and the project it’s a GO. If not, I might refer you to someone who I think would be better for it. My email is

Art vs Artist 2018

Freelance Illustration: 

I have been a freelance illustrator for over 14 years. I am an individual business owner and I create work for and with other people. I work remotely but can meet in person if the project calls for it. I have worked for filmmakers, musicians, news outlets, editorial magazines, foundations, corporations, non profit organizations, and individual business owners. Here are some specific ways my illustrations help these folks.

-Spot Illustrations (Editorial, Scene or Interaction)
-Character Design
-Hand lettering
-Book Illustration
-Licensing (For products)

Visions from The Inside- Culture Strike

Exhibitions and Galleries:

In addition to working in illustration I am also a fine artist working in watercolor, acrylic, aerosol, and mixed media. I have exhibited my work in over 25 art shows nationwide including one solo show in New York. When I connect with a theme I love making new art and working with curators to exhibit that work either as a solo artist or as part of a larger group show. This includes making pieces that are ready to hang and installations that are specific to the location.

Workshop in Ciudad Juarez

Class and library visits:

I have been working in the children’s book world for over seven years and I began visiting classrooms around the same time. Before I did kids books I was a teaching artist working with hundreds of students from elementary to college. I have visited schools and libraries to read to children, answer questions about making children’s books, and to show some of the process. In addition, I do one day workshops where I engage children in quick exercises about storytelling and art depending on the age group.

Hiero Day 

Arts Vendor: 

Since I started selling my artwork over 15 years ago I have sold original art, prints, handmade items, customizable art, books, zines, clothes, and more at events as a vendor. I currently sell at about 5-10 events every year in my home of the Bay Area and nationally. My focus has been on literacy, children’s books, social justice, music, and ethnic studies. In addition to vending at events I also have had a hand in helping to organize them. Invite me to your event to sell or ask me for help on how to promote your event.You can see current merchandise and art for sale here.

Vendors: Want to learn how to improve your merch table? Read THIS

Bay Area Book Festival Panel

Guest speaker:

I enjoy speaking to people in general, but I especially enjoy a conversation when its on a topic that I’m passionate about. I have spoken at panel discussions, fundraisers, gallery shows, on tv, and on podcasts. I have a great time talking to young people and the general public about the arts and other things. I’m open to speaking in classrooms, podcasts, at events, or to the media. I mentioned some of the topics near and dear to my heart above.

Planning w/ Janine Macbeth and Laurin Mayeno

Children’s book consulting:

Since I began my study of children’s literature in 2007 and officially began working in the business in 2013 I have gathered a good amount of knowledge; especially related to self publishing. I have attended conferences, read books, networked with creators, made books, helped organize events, asked a lot of questions, and helped a lot of people on the journey. If your are an illustrator or author beginning a journey in kid lit I can consult you on my experience and point you to resources that may be helpful to your story.

Painting at Chapter 510


I have the pleasure of being one of the members of the Trust Your Struggle Collective, a group of activists and artists who have created gallery installations, workshops, large scale murals, and mural tours for over 17 years. In that time I have had a hand in over 25 murals. I have worked with schools, organizations, businesses, and cities. If there is a mural project you need an artist for feel free to reach out.

My Solo Show at Fresthetic in Brooklyn, NY


Alright, you get it now. If you were thinking about collaborating now you know a few ways we can work together. If you got any questions please holler at me at You can also refer people to a shorter version of this post on my website. LINK

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