Gift Box Feature 4 – Jambo Books (Georgia)

Gift Box Feature 4 – Jambo Books (Georgia)

Jambo Books founder Mijha Godfrey

Back in 2019 I was contacted by the founder of Jambo Books, Mijha Godfrey to license some of my illustration for her incredible book box which has been featured on HuffPost, CNN, NBC, and LA Parent. I created the image for a series of posters featuring Black and Brown folks reading to children. or kids reading to themselves. 

Original print
She then applied the same illustration to the Jambo Book Box which features a different artist regularly! Cool, no?
Photo by Jambo Books
One of the things I always tell parents who are looking for diverse books is to visit their local library or. Bipoc owned bookstore to find gems. But so many folks don’t live near a library or bookstore. Or it’s a mission to get there. Book boxes are a great way to solve that problem by getting books for you little ones shipped directly to your door. 
Listen to Mijha talk about what her company does!

If you’re a gift/book box owner and would like to get some of my merch, books, or illustration in your box give me a holler. Did you catch any of the other posts about the book box companies that featured my books, art, or merch? 

Here they are: Booklandia (Portugal)
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