Illustration for Bryant Terry’s new book “The Inspired Vegan”

Illustration for Bryant Terry’s new book “The Inspired Vegan”

Just got the book from the homie today and its DOPE! This book is filled with great recipe’s and great atmosphere. Each recipe is complied with music, quotes, a story, and or film that inspired the recipe.

I first saw Bryant Terry when the book “Grub” came out. He was speaking about the book at a Borders book store.Very renaissance and contagiously passionate about his mission. Fast forward six or seven years later, this is his third book of recipe’s after Grub and Vegan Soul Kitchen and I’ve got a piece in “The Inspired Vegan” yall!

Along side the songs and the recipes are some great illustrations and graphics by artists such as Favianna Rodriguez, Jidan Koon, Rachel Konte, and one of my biggest mentor’s; Brett Cook. All of the pieces relate to the recipe, and or food. For example, the chapter my piece is on celebrates the spirit of Shirley Chisolm with several recipes and songs. From Ginger beer, tostones, and citurs sorbet to Brand Nubian, Bob Marley, The Abysinnians, and poems of Staceyann Chinn.

The brother is on his A game, with positive press from Huffington Post, NY Times, countless Chef’s and Oprah to name a few.

Please go check him and his beautiful family out for your self though, pick up the book at your local bookstore and thumb through it. A lot of us talk about eating healthier, but here is a simple tool to do it. I’m not a vegan, but I find the recipes, the stories, and the inspiration very fresh and empowering. Check out this video on Urban Organic TV too.

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