Projects worth supporting-Comics & Children’s Books

Projects worth supporting-Comics & Children’s Books

EXO is on their third project!!So cool to see this brother continue to make more comics from a Nigerian American perspective

Maya Gonzalez is an OG in the game and was one of the first people I asked advice from over 10 years ago. Her and her partner Matthew have succeeded in not only making books themselves, but nurturing many authors to do the same. This is your underground, bubbling up movement. Please share and support.

So Blood Orange Press is re-launching this project campaign. I did not receive enough funds on kickstarter, but we are confident we can reach the $15k goal here to get one diverse children’s book made. If things go well and the project is over funded they can make more. Please support this project here and if you already dontated, please consider re-donating here on Indiegogo.

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