Rad Dad 1- Magazine re-launch

Rad Dad 1- Magazine re-launch

Feliz año nuevo to every one. Hey folks, I will be attending this event in San Francisco at Adobe Books (7pm-9pm) on February 6th to help promote and celebrate the release/re-launch of the new Rad Dad Magazine (alongside Hip Mama) which I will be playing a small artistic/dad role in. If you are not familiar with it, here are some basics. 

Rad Dad was founded in 2005 by Tomas Moniz to celebrate great fathers and to connect them. It talks about parents of color, teen fathers, low income dads, sex, relationships, anger, love, drugs, activists, teenagers, little kids, queer fathers, new dads, even some cool moms. Until recently, it was written, copied, printed, and stapled by hand. Now it will be turned into a full fledged magazine. And it is a freaking wonderful place to look when you are a new dad or an experienced one. Because, if things are tough as a parent single or not, who do you go to for advice? How do you release your feelings?

Too many times in the past us brothers have been reluctant to talk to each other. But like many awesome moms, we can create open spaces for talking, venting, expressing feelings, and just plain old relating. There are other fathers out there who may be going through the same experience as you. And it is helpful to know that. It’s helpful, not just for your own sanity and mental health, but that of your family’s. Rad Dad has published over 20 issues dealing with some of the issues I mentioned above and I read it. I loved it and that is why I contribute so I can learn, grow, and become a better father.

If you are not in the Bay Area , but would like to get a copy of the past zines, or participate in the new ones please contact me at info@robdontstop.com. As a small part of the team, I’m looking for cool dads to talk to so holler if you hear me. Here’s to a new year of love, patience, hard work, and persistence. It has only just begun.

Rad Dad has been distributed by Microcosm Publishing and has been sold at zine distros and and small independent stores all across the US from California to New York City. 

A compilation of past issues is available on AmazonAnd if you recall, I posted about the Indiegogo campaign they started last year to relaunch the zine into a magazine.
You can keep up with the site here: http://raddadzine.blogspot.com

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