Reshare- IG Post

Reshare- IG Post

Hey, if you follow me you know where I stand. You can go read this post I put up on Oct 14th as things were escalating and my words here are not for people who are Pro Israel, they’re not even that strong for Pro Palestinian activists, they are for those who are unsure.

Resources: To learn about what is happening is not anti-semitic or anti-jew, it is pro humanity because if you read my IG post, there is a lot of missing information from the mainstream media discourse. This is not a Jewish vs Muslim issue. It is not a war either. Lets stop both from being killed. To do that, we need a ceasefire and we need to stop the apartheid happening in Palestine. Occupation and apartheid in Palestine is the root cause.

Short Video about the use of language in the media 1 and 2

Documentary “Road to Apartheid” about South African and Israeli Apartheid

Israel Apartheid for beginners

Teaching Kids Educational resources

Action Steps: If you understand what is happening and wish to take steps to get a ceasefire here are some steps organizers have asked of us

  1. Call and or email your congress members (I called mine Barbara Lee)
  2. Attend a march or protest in your city or region
  3. Share information, facts, stories, and art

If you believe that what happened to Jewish people in the holocaust or genocide in Rwanda is and was wrong, please act!

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