Stuff I’ve Been Listening to 22 – (Instrumentals)

Stuff I’ve Been Listening to 22 – (Instrumentals)

Wha gwan? I got hip to this group through my mom who loves “The New Birth”. This group “The Nite Liters” is an off shoot or sub group of the New Birth and its the band I believe. Anyway, dig it. LINK . If you’re new. Every year I share some music that I love from many genres. The core is Black music. Take a listen to these instrumentals and beats! The Nite Liters – KJee (Louisville, 1970)
Slept on this album. I dig this beat. Alchemist has so many bangers across his career. Link to listen.
The Alchemist – No Window Tints (FETTI) (Los Angeles, 2018)

Don’t know much about Peruvian Pysch or the hisory of cumbia, but I love this instrumental version of “Botecito” by Los Orientales de Paramonga. I wrote about this song back in 2014 here on the Muphoric Sounds blog.

Los Orientales de Paramong- Botecito (Paramonga Peru, 1972)
This entire LP is headphones/ ride out music. One half of the Stuyvesants, brother Allmos made this dope album. Aromas is my favorite song off this.
Allmos- Aromas Naturalle (Portland, 2017)
Kokoroko is an amazing band lead by trumpeter Sheila Maurice Grey from the UK and I love their mix of jazz, high life, funk, and everything in between.
Kokoroko-Age of Ascent (United Kingdon, 2022)

Love this dude DJ Harrison. First heard him via Ivan Ave from Oslo. He’s a multi-instrumentalist from Richmond Virginia and is also a member of Butcher Brown. His bandcamp is full of incredible beat tapes like this. Pen Eyes 9 is my favorite.

DJ Harrison- Pen Eyes 9 (Richmond,VA, 2021)

This whole LP is fire. Jahari Massamba Unit is drummer/producer Karriem Riggins and producer Madlib. Merde is my favorite track from the album.
Jahari Massamba Unite – Merde (Detroit/ Los Angeles, 2020)
Kiefer is such a dope musician. His work as a producer and jazz pianist is instantly recognizable when you hear it. Peep his catalogue.
Kiefer – Superheo (Los Angeles, 2021)

This is a dope cut from vibraphonist and vocalist Roy Ayers. Produced for the 70s Blaxploitation flick Coffy starring Pam Grier. Fans of Hieroglyphics will recognize this one from Casual’s first LP.

Roy Ayers – Brawlin Broads( Los Angeles, 1973)
I became familiar with “The Putbacks” through Hiatus Kaiyote and I dig the way they play alone and with other artists. This is my favorite track from this album.
The Putbacks – Hold on (Melbourne, 2018)

I grew up listening to this band and I love Sade. If you go back and listen, the band included an instrumental song on most of the Sade albums including their solo Sweetback album. Siempre Hay Esperanza is dope but this is my favorite.

Sade – Mermaid (United Kingdom, 1992)

Georgia Anne Muldrow, the producer and vocalist has a ton of records under her belt including an album by Elzhi entirely produced by her, and several instrumental LPs such as Vweto 2. This is my favorite from that album.
Georgia Anne Muldrow- Bass Attack Rap (Los Angeles, 2019)


If I were a producer I would add an 808 and some drums to this interlude produced by Lianne La Havas and Geo. Its my 2nd favorite track on this album. But as it stands, I would listen on repeat for days.

Lianne La Havas – Out of your mind (London, 2020)

That’s it, there are so many more like this snippet from Oddisee’s new material but thats it for today. If you like discovering new music check out some of these other posts I’ve made over the past few years. Remember, even though you may have a sweet spot for a specific era or period, there’s always great music to be discovered and appreciated. Some of its old, and some is brand new! The best way to hear that new new is through your local favorite DJ. Playlists are great too, but hug a human through your speaker.

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EDIT: Added later

ESG (Emerald , Sapphire, & Gold) – UFO Classic rock/hip hop shit
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