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Cerise Castle -A History of Violence Podcast

 Just started listening to this new podcast called “A Tradition of Violence” by Cerise Castle about the gangs embedded in the LA County Sheriff’s  department. 

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I remember hearing about her back in 2021 and she had been reporting on this for several years making herself a target by LA Cops who like most police departments in the US serve wealthy elites and to keep everyday people in check so we don’t revolt. Police have been murdering Black folks specifically for decades but until recently the public rarely knew unless it was caught on film. From NYPD to LA, cops are not the solution to safety yall, we are. All the billions that they get paid should be going to our public schools, public hospitals, jobs, and community based solutions that will actually make the communities they claim to protect safer. 

Much respect and props to Cerise for continuing the legacy of journalism that exposes evils like this that are foundational to the US government’s system of control. Follow and protect her yall.

Check out this interview w/ journalist Cerise Castle where she speaks w/ the breakfast club