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ZINES: Mamaphiles+Absent Cause

Mamaphiles #4 I met China in Baltimore at a Zine festival out there and we struck up a conversation about her zine “Mamaphiles”, which is a zine dedicated to Mothers who are raising their children and speaking on life. I asked if she had ever seen a Zine specifically about fathers. She said I should start one! The idea is still swimming, but please check out Mamaphiles #4. The only requirement for this zine was that you be a parent and a zine maker. Just received it in the mail today and I can tell she went out of her way to include a wide variety of voices. Peep game and the wonderful team of folks that helped get it out there! Thank you China!
Absent Zine #4: I did not get a chance to meet the homie “Redguard” in person.But I know Alison Roh Park, one of the Zine’s contributors and she is a fine poet/writer. Red asked me to contribute! I missed the deadline, so this time I made time to do a specific piece. “Absent Cause”is about surviving mental and physical poison the U.S. system of oppression has drenched us with.It deals with personal triumph and abusive defeat. I am still reading through it, but from what i can tell, Red also made a big effort to get a diversity of voice in. I can definitely say it has brought up some feelings I had buried. Anyway, check it out. The image from above is from my Absent Zine contribution. Healing is a must! Zines are therapeutic.Thank you Redguard!