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2 Sticker Packs Revisited


These stickers took over a year to complete and when I did I made them into sticker packs which are fun! My. lovely wife helped me redesign these recently for fun. Check em out eh? They make great gifts for interns, college students, or your team at work.
Affirmations Pack: This pack is all about reminders to take care of your self. It’s about affirming needs with 6 phrases: Pause, Breathe, Rest, Focus, Step Forward, and Grow. Get a pack here.

Multicultural Pack: This pack is filled with phrases and words to identify. Black folks and people of color. In it are the following phrases: Black Is Beautiful, Raza, Blasian, Mixed Kid, Blaxican, and Poc Pov. Get a pack here.

Dig this? Check out this sticker sheet for self care

Gift Box feature 1- Get The Bag! (Ohio)


Gloria Ware, founder and owner of “Get the Bag” has been ordering stickers from me to include in her gift boxes to corporate teams for over a year now and I wanted to give her a shout out. There have been several companies who’ve included my products or books in gift boxes and I’m going to start featuring some of them as a way to promote them, and to share another way of getting revenue for young artists.

Besides sending out gift boxes Gloria Ware (Based in Cleveland Ohio) runs Get the Bag which lifts up Black female founders of start ups and small businesses by:
-Giving them access to multiple forms of capital
-Providing content and curriculum for business knowledge
-Helping to promote their businesses
Gloria has a background in banking, philanthropy, small businesses, venture capital, and entrepreneurship. You can listen to an interview with here (link).
Please support Gloria’s business by following her via newsletter, social media, and by sharing her resources with Black female founders whether their business be in tech, hair products, fitness, financial, automotive , food, or engineering. 
Want to see the product she featured in her corporate gift box? Check it out HERE.

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Step Forward Gold Sticker


Man many moons ago I did this painting and a whole series of pieces I called “positive wall affirmations”. It was a great creative exercise for me since I do a ton of figurative/ portrait work. It’s fun to play with lettering since thats how I got my start. But for folks who couldn’t buy an original painting, I decided to approach some of those same positive sentiments as stickers. And so far so good.

Cop one here

The last one in the series was “Pause

Breathe Vinyl Sticker


Here is a new sticker reminding you to “breathe”. Its number four in a series of self care stickers aimed at getting folks to slow down and take stock of what’s next and what matters. Cop one for you or for your team HERE.
The last one in the series is REST

REST Sticker


Fam, here is the latest sticker in a new series meant to remind, encourage, and affirm. This one is a gold vinyl sticker reminding you to rest. I know we all got shit to do, but in between wins and losses, don’t forget to rest.
Cop one for you or a friend HERE.
Did you catch the last one? It says “Focus”

FOCUS Sticker


Here’s a new sticker! Part of a series of stickers that are reminders or affirmations. This could be for yourself or as a gift to send to a friend. Cop one here!
If you missed the previous sticker “GROW” check that out too.

GROW sticker


Fam, I created an original painting with the word “GROW” back in 2013. Matter of fact, I painted a whole series of affirmations. In an effort to get back to making pieces that are not only affirming to me (hopefully you too) but to make it affordable, I plan to make some new stickers with affirming letter based art. I painted this piece on paper and got it printed with gold to add a bit of shine. I hope you like it. Stay tuned.

Did you catch the last sticker pack? Here it is.