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Postcard Deal 3


Here is a new set of postcards I just made featuring some figures from Black history, old 80s movies, and even one of my characters. 
Get a set of postcards here
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Character Collage 2020-2022

What up fam, wow its been two years since I uploaded my last character collage. Back in 2020 I was a new dad again, and then the pandemic hit! I have still been sketching, drawing, and painting but lord it was rough balancing the kids at home, my work, and life. So here are a snippet of some of the characters I made over the past two years. This is the 9th time I’ve uploaded a collage of these over the past 13 years or so. I started making these as a way to practice character based artwork for storytelling, and I still love to do it. Always practicing to see improvement.
Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Word? 2. Bruce Leroy (Last Dragon) 3. Neighbor 4. Sketchbook doodle 5. Laura Charles (Last Dragon) 6. Hammer 7. Hmmph 8. Motorcycle 9. Sketchbook doodle 10. Deb Never 11. Crate Digger 12. Sketchbook doodle 13. Judging you 14. Spikey 15. Pink Dread
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Throwback- Characters from The Last Dragon

Yo, if you’re a fan of 80s films check out this trio of characters from the classic 80s cult film The Last Dragon.
Trailer link
The film was released in 1985 and featured Taimak, Vanity (rip), Julus Carry (rip), Mike Starr, and a young Ernie Reyes Jr!The director Michael Schultz also made Colley High, Car Wash, and Crush Groove! And the brother is still working today.  Sadly we lost both Vanity and Julius who played Sho Nuff, but even three decades after its release folks like me still love this film produced by Barry Gordy and written by Louis Venosta.
Back in 2016 I painted Sho Nuff from the film:
And this year I decided to paint both Laura Charles (played by Vanity)
and Bruce Leroy from the film.
Check out this time lapse video of me painting Bruce Leroy using ink and watercolor.

If you like my character work please check out some collages of characters I’ve made in the past:

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Character 164 – Bruce Leroy (Last Dragon)


Ok switching it up again with a time lapse video of this one. This right here is Bruce Leroy, or my version of the actor Taimak from the great 80s film “The Last Dragon”. As I stated in the previous post w/ Ms Laura Charles I loved the film as a kid and still love it today even w/ its campy or corny parts. 

If you dig this, check out this one of Laura Charles aka Vanity (RIP). 

Did you see my last collage of characters? Here it is.

#tbt-Characters from “Stand and Deliver”


I loved the film Stand and Deliver as a kid and still think it’s a ground breaking film showing Raza of all kinds learning and studying mathematics. Instead of feeling foreign to math Jaime Escalante makes you feel like you were born to learn it. “You burros got math in your blood” Edward James Olmos says in the film. For a large group of Brown people who were kept out of high paying jobs, building generational wealth, and power by design-learning calculus was and still is revolutionary. It doesn’t solve everything by any means, but Jaime’s legacy lives on. Have you seen the film? Whats your fav part?

Check out these other characters: 

Ana Delgado– The Nerdy math wiz

Angel from Stand and Deliver played by Lou Diamond Philipps

Tito-rocker/ladies man
Wanna see my latest collage of characters? Check it out
My name is Robert Liu-Trujillo and I’m a kids bk author/illustrator from the Bay Area. Peace!
One more, here’s a sketch of Jaime Escalante

Sketches 2

Here is another dump of sketches from client, personal, and project work. Some of it seen before and some never published or used. I like the sketches because sometimes the under drawing is better than the painting. And it shows the thinking that goes into the final lines.
Angel from stand and deliver

Legendary DJ’s 

Client piece around access to college

Client piece around access and youth of color

Client piece around access and youth of color

Drawing that was a cover concept for the picture bk I am Sausal Creek written by Melissa Reyes

Changing out a 1200 technics headshell

Drawing from the picture book “Furqan’s First Flat Top”

Client piece around Families of color, access to a more equitable state

Arrest-unused art for a shelved project

Arrest-unused art for a shelved project
Erica Huggins of the Black Panther Party

Tarika Lewis of the Black Panther Party

MC Activist Bambu of Native Guns, The Bar, and Beatrock Music

Client work for a short about African American migration north

Drawing of Russell from Up
Drawing from the picture bk “I am Sausal Creek” written by Melissa Reyes
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Character Collage (5) 2015-2016

I love drawing realistic and exaggerated characters. Especially people who are not often drawn! I started doing these character collages as a way to practice and challenge myself over 5 years ago.  I’ve been into drawing characters for ever. Once a month, 10 a year, doesn’t really matter, its more about practicing and getting the ideas out. And by doing that, looking back and seeing improvement and growth. Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Toni Stone 2. Duke Kahanamoku 3. Sha Rock 4. Sketch soldier 5. Sho-Nuff 6. Ana Delgado 7. Ameena 8. Flyers ink drawing 9. East Bay Dragons 10. Lauryn Hill 11. Random sketch 12. Haenyo 13. Green Turtle 14. Marley Dias 15. Black hair Ink drawing 16. Ibeyi twins 17. Katara & Toph 
You can see the previous years here too: 2014-2015
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters in particular, just email me at