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Pele/ Durian Funk 2 – Trust Your Struggle

Just completed the artwork for this mix by my brother Pele (TYS) based in the Philippines. His DJ project Durian Funk shares funky revolutionary music from The Philippines and the US mixed on two turntables. 
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From Pele:

Trust Your Struggle | Volume One
This mix is dedicated to the world amidst these trying times. Especially, to all of those who are feeling unsure of what tomorrow may bring for our loved ones, ourselves and our communities.
I am right there with you fam and I hope this music can give you some sort of inspiration to help us all get through these uncertain times. Sending you nothing but love, strength and some funky, soulful medicine music. In solidarity from Mindanao, Philippines to where ever you are on this Planet Earth.
Trust (Y)our Struggle,
Pele Durian Funk
1. “We’ve Got Work To Do” – Tribe
2. “Think People” – Tribe
3. “We Know We Have To Live Together” –
Eugene Blacknell and the New Breed
4. “Concrete Jungle” – Little Beaver
5. “Waste Not Want Not” – Ken Haywood
6. “Suffer” – IFA Afrobeat & Okwei V Odili
7. “Our Generation” – Ernie Hines
8. “World” – 1619 Bad Ass Band
9. “Take A Look At Yourself” – Eddie Russ
10. “Rise Up” – Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
+Vocal Samples – Nina Simone, Amiri Baraka, Paul Robeson and Fela Kuti
11. “Zombie” – Fela Kuti and Afrika 70
12. “Upside Down” – Freedonia
13. “La Valla” – Bronx River Expressway
14. “Mr. Fortune” – The Hitchhikers
15. “Each One Teach One” – Kokolo
16. “Joyful Noise” – Breakestra
17. “Uhuru” – The Ramsey Lewis Trio
18. “We Ain’t Free” – Boscoe
19. “We The People” – The Soul Searchers
20. “No More” – The Lumpen
Cover Art by Robert “Tres” Trujillo
Recorded and mixed by Pele | Durian Funk Productions.
Mastered by Dion Decibels.
Much love and appreciation to all the musicians and bands played on this mix. Massive respect to all the original vinyl diggers worldwide keeping the music alive.
Special shout out to Robert Liu-Trujillo and my Trust Your Struggle fam. And big thanks to the homie Jay Gee.
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Daghang salamat, many thanks.

Rock en Espanol Vs. Afro Beat

Two pieces I did that are similar to the others in my music series. I did these waaay later though. Julieta (from Tijuana, MX)is dope, and if you dont know here shit, you must go look her up because I saw her in person at “La Pena” in Berkeley back before the LP “Si” came out, before she blew up and I was super impressed, I still am. I heard her for the first time on a road trip and the song that caught me was “Seria Feliz”, then “Casa Abandonada”. I love her first LP, “Bueninvento”, and “Si”,I’m still trying to get into “Limon y Sal”. Someone to watch out for is the very talented Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No) who plays on a lot of Julieta’s recent LP’s.

This dude, I can’t stress his impact on the world’s music. My dad listened to Fela and as a result I grew up hearing his stuff, seeing his concert tapes in Nigeria. The brotha has countless jams, his son Femi is dope. The one that sticks out the most is still the same…“Water no get Enemy”. And “Teacher dont teach me no nonsense”.You can hear the influence in groups such as Breakestra and Antibalas, it sounds so beautiful, no?. What about Analogue Africa? Another story…..soon come.

Did you see these drawings of Nneka, Raphael Saadiq, and Oumou Sangare?