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Art & Activism Con

Peace, my dude Dave Heredia from NYC (based in LA now) is throwing this event at the end of the month encouraging us to share with open minds. Do you know someone who’s an artist or beginning to get involved in activism? Invite them to this virtual event where they can hear and see folks making art and more. 
For more information please go HERE
I’ll be one of the vendors selling my wares at the event. Interested in participating? Holler at Dave.

The last virtual event I participated in was this years Toronto Comics & Arts Festival! 
Here’s some info from Dave:
If you’re an artist, poet, author, or know a creative person who is, DM me! We are honored and excited to have some great exhibitors so far. We are seeking creatives that promote positive representation, preserve culture or tackle social issues, and have an online shop page.
Graphic novels, poetry books, cultural art prints, and even multicultural dolls accepted. I know some clothing designers who fit these criteria too!! DM me for details, we three very affordable vendor table options available. To reserve a booth: