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Bakosó -debuts on PBS!


Fam, I’m so excited to share my brothers Eli and Kahlil Jacobs-Fantauzzi’s film “Bakosó” will debut this short film on Monday on PBS and want you to watch it. This is a film about the blend of African and Cuban music to create a new style of music and dance called “Bakosó”. The team behind this film have done films about hip hop and music internationally for over a decade in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Columbia, and Ghana. Tune in and share with friends.
You can read an article about the film here:
And here is the trailer:

Bakosō – NEW Film by Fantauzzi Bros

Yo, check this film out. Made by a Boricua about African roots in Cuba. This brother Eli has made films about music in countries all over the world and is a Bay Area representative! Its at 30 backers, can we get it to 50 by Friday?
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