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Video – Furqan’s First in English/ Spanish

Peace, this is for the folks who’ve been asking. Feel free to share this with your child, student, or relatives during this social distancing, distanced learning, pandemic times. Below is the Spanish reading of the book.

Tia Carla did a reading of the book in Spanish already so I figured I’d share that for families to watch as its done quite well! Please check out her other videos of books in English and Spanish.

Flat Tops (past/present)

Heres a shot of my last flat top as a youth in 91′ or 92′. That was the last time I had a flat top I think until now. Although part of “Furqan’s First” is based on my experience and I did go to a barbershop as a little kid (probably 8 or 9) my uncle Russell was the one who continually cut my hair with so much style the kids at school would ask me if he could cut their hair too. Shout to my uncle Russ, i love you. What was your first barbershop experience?