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SF Anti Housing Displacement

This is a piece I created for the SF Anti Housing Displacement Coalition. They are a group of tenants, organizers, and volunteers who work together to keep San Francisco residents in their homes. Over the past 30 years San Francisco has seen so many changes from the tech companies, to the international migration of people coming to the city. What has been there the whole time is a spirit of activism and community organizing against unjust laws, companies, policies, institutions, and the city itself. This is an example of that attitude and action. 
I got a chance to sit with residents of the SF buildings who were being harassed, pushed out, disrespected, and harmed mentally and physically by their landlord. This landlord like so many in the city is trying to get old tenants with rent protection out and new tenants in so they can charge those people double, sometimes triple what their current tenants are paying. If they’re not doing this, they are trying to sell their buildings to the highest bidder. And if tenants wont leave on their own the landlords harass them by intentionally leaving things unfixed, doing construction that interfere’s with the health and safety of the tenants, and so many other tactics. But, this coalition is fighting back and winning.
This illustration is one of many created by artists to reach out to SF residents who don’t know their rights and need help fighting back.