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Asian Art Museum-Timeline Illustrations

Peace and blessings, this is an honor to share. A couple of months ago I began work on a HUGE project to create 5 interlocking illustrations for the San Francisco Asian Art museum. I had the chance to work with an amazing art directing team Jonathan Lee (Head of digital experience) and Mel Chang over at the museum, as well as designer Anne Nguyen who invited me to the project.

The museum has been around for a very long time and I actually had never visited it, growing up my whole life in the Bay Area. But once I started the project i spent hours walking around checking out a fraction of their collection, which rotates yearly because they have so much great artwork there. Here are a few bits from the art making process for the first illustration for the foundation of the museum, the “Gold Rush” period from 1846-1935. Here you can see some of my process for these illustrations.

Please go visit the museum in SF and check out the website + art HERE
and scroll through the pages and links to see the different time periods of the museum’s collection, patrons, and exhibitions such as:
A Jewel in GoldenGate Park 1966-1975
Museum comes of age 1976-2002
Heart of the city 2003-Now