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Feature in Mother Mag


Yo, so this happened! I posted this on social media but wanted to mention it here. I am mentioned as one of 30 Black children’s books illustrators. I am pretty juiced about this because it is nice to be acknowledged for your work every now and then. I know there are tons more illustrators out there and a bunch of cats I know who are super skilled. But, I accept this recognition and it feels good to share it. Thank you Mother Magazine. 
Please go to their site and read the post. It has a bunch of really talented veterans and new artists in it. Some of which I’ve actually met in real life. Like for real for real. Haha. 
You can check out other features or interviews here.

Bee Paper Sketchbook Feature

Photo by Scott La Rockwell
Hey, I’m excited to say I have been featured on Bee Paper’s blog of artists. This is super dope because I have been using their sketchbooks for a few years now and love the “Super Deluxe Mixed media” sketchbook. I draw a lot so it is important for me to have a sketchbook all the time.
Here’s an example of my previous sketchbook using their product. These sketchbooks are dope because you can use ink, watercolor, pencil, marker, whatever and the paper holds. It doesn’t fall apart. Try out it out if you haven’t used them before.
Here’s an older interview with the UK’s “I am the Nu Black”

Podcast Interview- Papa Culture Pod!

Yo! Been listening to this laid back podcast run by two fathers. They talk about hip hop, sports, pop culture, dad fails, and dad triumphs! I was lucky enough to be a guest on their show. Check it out on Itunes, Stitcher, or whatever podcast app you listen to. 
Here is the link if you want to listen to it on your desktop. LINK
If you’d like to hear another interview check out The Stoop Podcast where I talked about Black Hair and kids books.

Furqan’s First Flat Top UPDATE 12 – Great Blog reviews

Yoo, so far I have been reaching out to media, blogs, radio, and tv. It is super difficult to get a review with anyone and some people just flat out don’t get it. And many in the publishing world don’t care, which explains why it looks the way it does as a whole. It’s ok the change is coming and I will continue to seek out those who “get it” because I know they’re out there. Case in point, here are two awesome book reviews; one who I reached out to and one that came to my story. So much gratitude to these two great bloggers/ book lovers.

1. At Home Librarian! By Elizabeth Wroten

This is such an awesome blog with tons of book reviews of all types of books. Grateful for Elizabeth’s words because she “gets it”. 
2. The Nerds of Color by Shawn Taylor
Wow, I have been following this blog for quite awhile and love that they pull no punches in calling out bullshit and at the same time highlighting and celebrating great work. Shawn “gets it” too.
Please check out both of these blogs and share the posts that you like.

Latin@s in Kid Lit Guest Feature- Furqan’s First

Today a blog post I wrote a few weeks back was published on the wonderful blog Latin@s in Kid Lit. It’s about the social media campaign for my first self-published children’s book Furqan’s First Flat Top! If you are not familiar with their blog, please check them out. Not only do they invite a cool series of authors, illustrators, and book lovers to do guest posts; but they also make some pretty awesome lists of books for kids. In particular I like their list of Picture Books , The road to publishing series , and Resources for Latin@/ diverse lit

Go follow their blog and share some of what we’ve all been missing, more diverse books and more of a variety of Latin@ voices in children’s literature.