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Furqan’s First Flat Top UPDATE 17 (where you can buy the book OR-TX)

The following stores are spots where you can purchase Furqan’s First Flat Top”

Black Wagon– Portland Oregon

Giant Robot– Japantown (LA), California

Mi Vida Boutique– Highland Park (LA), California

A Different Booklist- Toronto, Ontario

Brazos Bookstore– Houston, Texas

Blue Stockings– New York, NY

Hello folks, this is the most recent line up of independent stores who now carry the book. Please support brick and mortar stores!! Go buy it there. If its not in your city, let me know whats the coolest book store in town. If you have a friend there, hook it up. I’ll do my best to get the book on their shelves.

This will probably be the last Furqan update for the year. For those unaware, I self published a children’s book called “Furqan’s First Flat Top” with a team of talented folks and a whole mess of help from supporters on kickstarter. The book came out in May and I have been to many schools and events reading the book, selling it, and talking about it. Occasionally I am meeting new folks who are also interested in creating their own. If any of you have questions for me feel free to ask here in the comments or via email at . More unheard voices from the margins please.

The book trailer in case you want to show it to your local bookstore owner, teacher, organization, etc.