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Raza Sticker

Yo, just made a sticker with this image I illustrated back in 2016. You can cop the sticker and read a bit about it
Here’s the original post (editied) that I wrote with this image which was created for Inktober in 2016.

Inktober 2018 – Brown Berets

Founded in the 1960s, the Brown Berets are a community founded organization from California who organized around issues such as farmer workers rights with UFW, in solidarity w/ African Americans against police brutality, for access to education, retrieving stolen land, and to gain political power . Inspired by the Black Panther Party (Oakland) they formed a unit if mostly Mexican American high school and college students. They’re part in the movement for Brown people’s rights was in response to decades and hundreds of years of theft, murder, exploitation, and more by police, the US government, and by their local city officials who would of loved to sweep their righteous demands under the rug. The group still exists and were extremely powerful in organizing Brown people and for calling folks trying to deny their African and Indigenous blood (in order to look and be more white) to be proud of their heritage and identity. Their work moved beyond the voting ballot and they still work for the people today.

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If you dig this check out: Berta CaceresĀ 

Malcolm X Jazz Fest-I’ll be there selling books

If you are in the Bay Area this coming weekend you are invited to come to the MXJF, A festival that has been going on for years! I have been going for years and i’m excited to be a vendor for the first time. I will be selling my first self published children’s book “Furqan’s First Flat Top” this weekend along with authors Melissa Reyes (I am Sausal Creek) and Jill Guerra (Long Hair don’t care). If you contributed to the kickstarter for this book you’ll be receiving your goodies very soon, but you can also come and cop the book from me this Saturday at the park. Love!!

Paban Das Baul

Got realy inspired by the effort of a homie to “do” instead of talk about doing. She started a blog to create a space where South Asian folks with Dark skin could kick it, celebrate each others beauty, and just spread the word that not only is it ok to be dark, but it is beautiful and we should celebrate each other even if main stream does not. I still dont quite understand how crazy it is in India, Pakistan, or when youre skin is dark, but from what folks have been writing, it seems like folks are being hella affected by white supremacy out there. just like black folks are here.

This society keeps telling folks with brown skin that we are invisible, not worthy, dirty, bad, terrorists, etc. All that hatred, racism and bull Ive been seeing against people of color is out of control, but I believe this blog with its defiant stance is part of changing that, how we as POC love and look at ourselves and what our white brothers and sisters need to learn about us. Anyways, this is a piece of a musician I like named Paban Das Baul from West Bengal, India.

Go check out “Dark, Lovely, and South Asian”

If you would like to purchase this work