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SFETSY seller!

Fam, I first “volunteered” for SF Etsy in 2014 (i think-getting old) because I wanted to put in some work and learn how they work, who they are, and if it would be a good place to sell my stuff at. I found out all of that and so much more. SF Etsy is a kind, supportive group of folks who are from all over the Bay Area. I’ve always had a great time at all their events and its a world class lesson in community and business when you peep how they do what they do. So, find something different and unique by using the #sfEtsy hashtag, go to the shows once they start up again, and support a local business… 

Furqan’s First Flat Top UPDATE 16 -Where you can buy the book (NYC-CA)

So I’ve been slowly getting the book into some other spots online and actual brick and mortar stores. For you folks who dont live in the Bay Area or NYC there are some other places where you can cop the book online such as Ashay by The Bay (Cali) and UGHH-Underground Hip Hop (Mass). So here are the new spots where you can purchase the book. If you’d like to purchase the book from me directly, either regular price or wholesale for libraries, stores, and organizations who promote literacy.

1. Strand Books in Manhattan, New York

2. Word Up Community Bookstore in Washington heights

3. UGHH Online-Underground Hip Hop Site based in Massachusetts

4. Rare Device in San Francisco

5. Pegasus Book on Solano ave in Berkeley

6. Underground Books in Sacramento, Ca (Black owned bookstore!)

And shout out to two organizations promoting literacy that purchased the book to give away to their constituencies. Egleston Square out there in Boston/Roxbury Massachusetts and Tandem Bay Area based in Oakland. Please support these independent book, online stores, and non profit organizations.


And if you still have not seen the book trailer, please watch it and share with potential libraries or bookstores who’d dig the story.