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Character 111-Eddie (Cease fire)

Eddie is one of many guys who lived, took life,  is giving back life, and survived “the life” (violence) in Chicago where hundreds have died yearly. I re-watched the ITVS documentary “The Interrupters” about a team of Black and Latino ex-gang members and cats called “Ceasefire” who lived the life and are now acting as agents of change. They find situations where there is evidence of long standing beefs, an insult, a stare, a look, anything that could set it off-and they step in. I don’t claim to have a complete understanding of “Ceasefire”, but what they and so many others have been doing to stop us from killing each other is inspiring. Don’t let anyone tell you people of color ain’t out there trying to stop the violence; that we only get upset when a cop murders. It’s not true. 
Please watch the Interrupters here: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/film/interrupters/