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Inspiration board 31

Hey sometimes its podcasts, sometimes its a person i met. This is my 3-4 times per year collage of inspiring things and people. Some you’ll recognize right off the bat. Some, I hope will be new to you. These things keep me inspired to keep creating.
From top to bottom, left to right: 1. Thee Lakesiders-oldies LA Soul group, 2.The Etherington Brothers-great storytellers 3. Klassy-LA Rapper/Mama 4. Andrea Smith-illustrator w/ amazing vendor set up 5. SF Etsy Holiday Emporium-inspiring to experience indy power 6. San Nukas-A portrait of Moses Powell 7. Quackers-Liz Wong Picture book 8. Spider Verse-dope film 9. My daughter’s arrival this year has been amazing and awe inspiring 10. Teymori-house producer/musician 11. Stephanie Bueno-Lowrider/Photographer 12. Diedra & Laney-great film 13. Captain Fantastic-incredible film 14. Greywater systems for homes 15. Art of James Turell 16. We Out Here- British Jazz LP
There are so many more, but I’ll have to save them til the next time. In the meantime, keep creating and check out some of these creative folks/endeavors. To see previous boards follow the tag on this blog: inspiring stuff. For example, here is board 30 and 29

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