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Clean out studio=Art Sale

I’m trying to get rid of some stuff in my room and my studio that would probably look better in your home, office, classroom, or place of work. From now until November 30th you may use this code (GREAT22) to obtain a 50% discount off art in my store.

STORE link

April Love and Light Switches 2012 +Commission

Yo! its been awhile with the switch plates. After I did the collage of switches I needed to handle some other biz while I digested all that had been done. Then, someone asked me to do a custom joint which is cool because it’s been awhile since I did one. I liked the color combination so much I decided to do two sets. Holler back if you want me to paint a set for you or for a friend.


July Love and Light Switches

The double light switch is a gift for a very good friend, who has helped out me and my crew more times than I can remember. BUT, the individual light switch is yours (yes yours!) if you can tell me which historic Jazz Bassist played on this song/ LP. In honor of one of the best groups ever, hit the comments and you got it.

March Love and light Switches-RBG

I called this month’s Light Switches”RBG”, just because of the colors I felt like using on it. For folks in the U.S. and abroad, if you know of a local store that would sell hand made items like these in your city, PLEASE hit me up. My Light Switches are currently at RPS Collective (Oakland) and Art Artillery Gallery (SF).