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Hana on Stage: Writing

This is a project I finished almost a year ago as a freelance writer. This is my first time working as a freelance writer for children’s literature outside of writing my own picture books. I was invited by Sandhya Nankani of Literary Safari who worked with Benchmark Education to create an opportunity for more writers and illustrators of color. The result is a series of stories. This one is a story for kids around 3rd grade.  It’s about a mixed kid (of course) who is Latinx/Asian and her name is Hana Dominguez. This was a fun experience and I really enjoyed working with editor Alicia Zadrozny and Eileen Robinson. Here is the synopsis:

Hana Dominguez has a knack for building things. While planning to build a stage for her cat, Purple, she stumbles upon the idea of performing herself. Will Hana be able to take center stage in her local theater’s musical revue?

Shout out to Mirelle Ortega beautifully illustrated the book with a great sense of color and composition.

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