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Zebra Records- Memory

Watching an old DJ Battle today got me reminiscing. I’ve always been a visual artist and a lover of music (Art is in my blood). But starting in the early 90s and lasting til the last 2000’s I was obsessed with DJing. The height of my fascination peaked in my high school/ early college years. I spent literal hours in record stores, flea markets, my family’s collections, and any records I could find. I spent even more time in my room watching vhs videos, battles, and listening to recordings of DJs trying to teach myself how to mix, scratch, beat juggle, and perform routines. I taught what little I knew to hundreds of kids too.

Here’s a photo my friend Melissa took of me performing in one of the Zebra Records DJ battles. I attempted to DJ parties, events, make mixtapes, and entered DJ competition (Zebra, ITF, UC Berkeley) but I was never really that great at it. But, I had so much fun. I participated in a hip hop club started by Hodari Davis at Berkeley High and I learned so much from watching people who were truly passionate about the art of DJing, Mixing, party rocking, music, and competing as turntablists. There were many lessons I took away such as originality, stage presence, timing, innovation, cultivating community, looking for the next thing to inspire you, etc. But above all I learned about generosity, love and discipline. Doesn’t matter how good you think you are, you can always improve. And what point is there in hiding your talent? Share it so the next generation can be inspired, so they can inspire you, and so on.

Shout out to Zebra Records-a pillar of the San Francisco/ Bay Area hip hop community that not only sold records and DJ equipment but created a church/community center where young people like myself could share, grow, and learn. Shout out to DJ Wisdom, Israel, Alan Corazon, and all the incredible DJs I met at Zebra such as Mista B and Teeko of 41Funk, Goldenchyld and Cutso of The FingerBangers, Nuttz, so many many. I went by “King Tres” back then btw. I still dig for new music, and I occasionally buy vinyl. Wish I still had my Zebra Records slip mats.

Here’s a video of a reunion they did in 2010 w/the creators of Skratchpad (Celskiii & Deeandroid)

Pele/ Durian Funk 2 – Trust Your Struggle

Just completed the artwork for this mix by my brother Pele (TYS) based in the Philippines. His DJ project Durian Funk shares funky revolutionary music from The Philippines and the US mixed on two turntables. 
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From Pele:

Trust Your Struggle | Volume One
This mix is dedicated to the world amidst these trying times. Especially, to all of those who are feeling unsure of what tomorrow may bring for our loved ones, ourselves and our communities.
I am right there with you fam and I hope this music can give you some sort of inspiration to help us all get through these uncertain times. Sending you nothing but love, strength and some funky, soulful medicine music. In solidarity from Mindanao, Philippines to where ever you are on this Planet Earth.
Trust (Y)our Struggle,
Pele Durian Funk
1. “We’ve Got Work To Do” – Tribe
2. “Think People” – Tribe
3. “We Know We Have To Live Together” –
Eugene Blacknell and the New Breed
4. “Concrete Jungle” – Little Beaver
5. “Waste Not Want Not” – Ken Haywood
6. “Suffer” – IFA Afrobeat & Okwei V Odili
7. “Our Generation” – Ernie Hines
8. “World” – 1619 Bad Ass Band
9. “Take A Look At Yourself” – Eddie Russ
10. “Rise Up” – Greenwood Rhythm Coalition
+Vocal Samples – Nina Simone, Amiri Baraka, Paul Robeson and Fela Kuti
11. “Zombie” – Fela Kuti and Afrika 70
12. “Upside Down” – Freedonia
13. “La Valla” – Bronx River Expressway
14. “Mr. Fortune” – The Hitchhikers
15. “Each One Teach One” – Kokolo
16. “Joyful Noise” – Breakestra
17. “Uhuru” – The Ramsey Lewis Trio
18. “We Ain’t Free” – Boscoe
19. “We The People” – The Soul Searchers
20. “No More” – The Lumpen
Cover Art by Robert “Tres” Trujillo
Recorded and mixed by Pele | Durian Funk Productions.
Mastered by Dion Decibels.
Much love and appreciation to all the musicians and bands played on this mix. Massive respect to all the original vinyl diggers worldwide keeping the music alive.
Special shout out to Robert Liu-Trujillo and my Trust Your Struggle fam. And big thanks to the homie Jay Gee.
If you would like to support | paypal.me/durianfunk
Daghang salamat, many thanks.

Purple Headphones: Music Inspired

Hey, continuing with this series of music. When I think of the inspiration for this I think of those that remember riding or walking around with some headphones and a walkman, CD, or MP3 player just playing some dope music. The feeling of curating your ride to school or work, or just really getting all your songs ready for a road trip. It’s that feeling of being still and playing music that makes you come alive. That kind of love.

You want a print of this? Cop it HERE.

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Character Collage (7) 2017-2018

Here is my 7th annual collage of character’s, this time with some typography that I felt went with the feeling. For this year I wanted to go with a theme for once and might play with that again. The theme? Analog sound! I wanted to remember what it was like as a kid to listen to hip hop, soul, jazz, funk, etc. And I’m also thinking of young kids and parents trying to introduce their kids to music.
1. Digging– Young sis digging for 45’s 2. Youth Sound-Sis wearing the headphones 3. Walkman-Turn up the bass boost 4. Boombox-Tapes & the box 5. Play that Beat – type! 6. Percussion-Drum & banner 7. Headphones – meditate w/ sound 8. Listening– next to the record player 9.  VINYL Type 10. Dad’s – who dig 11. Stereo-Remember this? 12. Turn it up!-Type 13. Lyrics – still matter 14. Speakers -Paying dues 
You can see the previous years here too: 
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters or type in particular, or a print just email me at info@robdontstop.com

Seoul-ful pt. 3-Blast from the past (Mixtape)

As many of you know I love music, but you have no idea how obsessed I was with buying, listening to, mixing, scratching, organizing, and playing records I was. Now, must of it is done digitally. But this is a mixtape I made more than ten years ago (Can’t find the original art/design). I still like it and a friend asked me to share it recently; so I thought why not share it with you. I didnt have a four track recorder at the time, just 2 1200 Technics Turntables, a Vestax 05 Pro, my amplifier, and a CD Recorder/burner. I was and still am a great admirer and appreciator of music. Enjoy.

PS: Soundcloud cut out one of the tracks from the mix which included a dreamy Astrud Gilberto song, if you want me to send you the entire mix, just comment with your email.