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Audio: East Bay Yesterday – East Bay Dragons

Please listen: Incredible reporting and editing by Liam over at East Bay Yesterday-and great strength by the members for opening up to talk about their lives, art, and discipline. The Dragons are about to be 60! I created this illustration a few years ago and i’m happy to learn more about their legacy. SHARE LINK

Character 109 – East Bay Dragons

I know of the East Bay Dragons from driving or walking by their clubhouse on E-14th st as a young man. I’ve never known anyone personally in the group, but I’ve always been aware of them and seen them riding through the town. They are one of the first Black motorcycle clubs in the US, if not the first. They were founded by Tobie Gene Levingston in 1959 and continue to ride to this day. Much like lowrider clubs they get a bad rap from media, but they do community events and try to give back. Although, just by seeing the care they put into their art is inspiring enough I think. There is a book out on them called “Soul on Bikes”. I would love to see their story portrayed in a beautiful, nuanced, and truthful light either through narrative film, comics, podcast, documentary, or animation.