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Pause Sticker process


 Hey this is a new sticker in a series of self care/ encouragement/ affirming stickers. Sometimes you gotta hit the pause button, or maybe you need to remind someone to do it. 
Wanna see some of the creative process? Check it out:
First I did a bunch of different versions of the same word using different font styles.  The check marks you see are from my homies and my wife telling me which ones they preferred.
I narrowed it down a bit and combined some elements to make it a more simple shape.
I decided on the color scheme and did some rough color versions. And I chose the bottom right one finally.
Then I painted in gouache. Scanned it and then brought it into Photoshop and to clean it up, moving the shadow and letters a tiny bit to make it more symmetrical. I also adjusted the color a bunch because it was tough to duplicate the screen color.
And then here’s the final product. I get stickers from a bunch of different places, but one I go to often is Sticker Giant in Colorado who just shipped these to me. What do you think? Dig it? I DO!! I love how it came out and I hope others will dig them. Eventually I’ll make a sticker pack of these:
“_______” one more to go!
One day I’ll make a video talking about these stickers. But for now i’ll just say that many years ago I made a series of paintings called “positive wall affirmations” made to serve people by offering a positive message for the home, class, office, etc. The original one of a kind paintings did ok and made some folks really happy. But the stickers are a bit more affordable, especially if you’re not an art collector. 
Anyways, thanks for reading. You can get this Pause sticker here or get a sticker sheet I made a year ago for self care here as well. If you know someone who is learning to make merchandise using their art, please share this post with them.



DC mob, summer protests, idiots in govt. The largest strike in India, theft of $ from the people into billionaire’s pockets, pandemic, the shifting of power, victories. It’s a lot.
In the past I had a quick art response. Lately I’ve held back (Anyone else felt this lately?). This is a privilege. Some times it’s exhaustion. I’m happy to share others work which speak on it. I’ve been making protest art for awhile but I don’t always have the best quote to contribute. My folks know where I stand but I know some younger artists might be trying to figure it out. Me too. I’ve gotten hella game from OG artists & activists.
I’m trying to make art about what I’m for (Pro -people’s control of the wealth they create, choice, queer, reparations, dismantling the US govt as it exists, free health care, women’s rights, right to self defense, so many things, teaching actual history, )  Also trying to make a living.
But, if you’re pissed off, if you’ve been connecting the dots, if you’re seeing a lack of work in an area that makes you passionate; get involved. 
Homelessness, rights of trans people, fair pay, universal healthcare, abolishing jails/police, teaching how to grow food. Whatever “it” is, That someone who changes it is you. You can’t take on the entire world of course.
But YOU can effect your block, school, church, crew, city, etc. Whatever you choose, get specific AF and find others who about that life. When you see others moving like you on another thing, show solidarity. The hyper specific will change and so will you, not just a headline, vibe, or a hashtag. A movement.
If you get burnt out, change up the pace so it’s sustainable. Recenter. Remember to enjoy life and then re-enter.
That thing you’re passionate about needs your genius, your heart; you. We all do. Enter. Go.
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Black Lives Mural w/ Binta Ayofemi painted in 2020.