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Oh oh, Baby Boy, 656 in NYC, La Casa Azul, and “We Like it like that”

My friend Janine Macbeth is self publishing her first children’s book.F the publishers, F the agents! She’s doing it on her own. Support her kickstarter campaign if you have the time! Its a book about Dad’s who are present! Like Ed Og said “Be a father to your child”.

The homies from 656 Comics are at the NY Comic Con from October 13-16th. Please go suppor them if youre in NYC.

Also, check out “La Casa Azul“, its a pitch to start a local book store in NYC with a focus on Latin@ authors. Again, support and pass along widely. Folks are saying to hell with the talking and “doing it!”

40K in 40 days campaign, La Casa Azul Bookstore from Lucha Libros on Vimeo.

Just came across this! Looks dope, people telling a story that needs to be heard!!